The Artifact Preview Tournament: Viewer’s Guide

The Artifact Preview Tournament: Viewer’s Guide

Beyond the Summit will be hosting Artifact’s first streamed tournament today! Pro players and card game enthusiasts have been eager for any broadcasted gameplay, but we’ll soon get the opportunity to see competitive draft play by some of the beta’s strongest players.

What You Need To Know

Today, up to 128 players will compete in seven rounds of Swiss in best-of-3 matches. They will draft once before Round 1, and again on Round 4. Players will get 4 minutes in their time bank, with one extra minute per turn (players lose if they use up all their time).

The top 8 will move on to tomorrow’s single-elimination playoffs, drafting once more before the quarterfinals.

1st place earns $4,000, 2nd place gets $2,000, and 3rd-4th earns $1,000.

The first day begins on November 10th, 9am PST/6pm CST, and at the same time tomorrow on November 11th.

Streams will be cast in English and can be viewed on the BTS Twitch channel and Artifact’s channel on SteamTV.

David “Luminous” Zhang (Product Manager for Beyond the Summit), Sean “swim” Hguenard (Artifact player and former Gwent meta snapshot author and personality) and Karen “fwosh” Li (Dota content creator and PAX West 2018 Artifact caster/host).

George “hyped” Maganzini (Team Liquid Artifact pro and former Hearthstone pro)
Joel Larsson (Artifact player and Pro Tour MtG winner)
Adrian “Lifecoach” Koy (Artifact player and Evil Geniuses Gwent pro)
Janne “Savjz” Mikkonen (Artifact player and Team Liquid Hearthstone personality).

All four will also be competing in today’s tournament.

Notable Known Contestants:
StanCifka – Artifact player and 3x closed beta constructed winner
rayC – Panda Global Hearthstone pro
Forsen – Former Hearthstone pro and Twitch streamer
noxville – Statistical Analyst for ArtifactionGG
Hoej – SKT T1 Hearthstone pro and the most recent closed beta Artifact tournament winner
crokeyz – F2K Gwent streamer
Ostkaka – Hearthstone World Champion 2015
Freddybabes – compLexity Gwent pro
Bloody – F2K Artifact player and SmashGG tournament coordinator
Muzzy – Tempo Storm Hearthstone pro
Ekop – Artifact Constructed Clash #1 Winner
Nostam – Hearthstone caster and Artifact Constructed Clash #1 2nd Place
RobAJG – Team Liquid Artifact content creator and Podcast Host of “Potion is Knowledge”
HotMEOWTH – Panda Global Hearthstone pro
SylvanHunter – compLexity card gaming personality
Mryagut – compLexity Hearthstone pro
Petrify – compLexity card gaming personality
StrifeCro – Sentinels Hearthstone pro
Frankinabox – Endemic Hearthstone coach

We also had our eyes out for Lukas Blohon, MtG pro and winner of October’s $10k limited format Artifact tournament pro, but he’s currently competing in Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica and is currently at 6-2, so will be unable to make today’s tournament.

We wish all the competitors the best of luck in today’s tournament!

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