The Artifact Preview Tournament’s Top 8 Players

The Artifact Preview Tournament’s Top 8 Players

The Top 8 is live, with players competing for their share of the $10,000 pot in Artifact’s first broadcasted tournament! This single elimination tournament will test the drafting ability of these card gaming competitors, with backgrounds in multiple titles. Below is a brief introduction to these players to give readers an idea of where they’re coming from as competitive players in this weekend’s Artifact Preview Tournament.

Joel Larsson is the only undefeated player at this stage of the tournament. A Magic: the Gathering pro who’s won both a Grand Prix and a Pro Tour, and lifetime earnings of over $170,000, he’s no stranger to the highest levels of card gaming competition. With eight Top 8 appearances in Grand Prix tournaments alone, he will be playing in the Semifinal after taking down Naiman in the first round.

Chris “Feno” Tsako found success as a Hearthstone pro player, earning over $30,000 in his career and winning the most recent Hearthstone Championship Tour in Orange County two weeks ago. Recently a free agent after departing from F2K, he was only defeated by Joel Larsson in yesterday’s last round. As the #2 seed in this Top 8, he may find himself challenging Joel again in the Grand Final.

Dane “DaneHearth” McCappin is a Hearthstone content creator for F2K, best known for his innovative decks and demonstrated mastery of , having won the History of Hearthstone tournament hosted by Tempo Storm earlier this summer. He’ll be playing against space_loner later in the day.

Raffael “GameKing” Iciren once played Hearthstone under the F2K banner, competing against prominent players in the community such as Tom60229, Ostkaka and Ek0p. He won the International e-Sports Federation 2016 World Championship, then after making other Hearthstone tournament appearances, transitioned into Gwent in 2017, where he placed 2nd in Gwent Slam #1, and 1st in Gwent Slam #2. He most recently placed Top 4 in last month’s Gwent Open. His first opponent in today’s Top 8 will be KuroKy of Dota 2 fame.

Kuro “KuroKy” Salehi Takhasomi is a pro Dota 2 player for Team Liquid. Leading the team that won The International in 2017, he’s found success in this weekend’s tournament reaching the Top 8 of Artifact’s first broadcasted tournament, which is especially notable considering the stacked playing field of 128 players, most of whom coming from extensive card gaming backgrounds.

Space_loner is the least public presence among this Top 8, but will have established himself today as placing in the Quarterfinals of the Artifact Preview Tournament.

Miguel “Mogwai” Guerrero is a Gwent Player for F2K with a Pokemon background. He’s mostly known for his content creation, with a Youtube channel of over 45k subscribers featuring game play and matches against pro players such as Lifecoach. In Artifactshark’s Constructed Clash #1 tournament, he was the #2 seed after the swiss rounds, but was eliminated in the Top 8 playoff stage by AudienceofOne.

Ole “Naiman” Batyrbekov is a Hearthstone player who had a strong 2017, placing first in the StarLadder Ultimate Series in 2017 after beating StanCifka in the finals. He’s earned over $78k in Hearthstone and once played for Virtus Pro, before the team disbaned in February 2018. Naiman’s most notable appearance this year is a Top 8 finish in HCT Germany this January. While he wasn’t able to take down Joel Larsson in the first round, Naiman has established himself in Artifact’s limited format.

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