Four Artifact Streams To Watch Right Now

Four Artifact Streams To Watch Right Now

At long last, the first Artifact streams are live! We at TopDeck are on Twitch watching the latest tournaments, meta developments and evolutions of our favorite card games, and we’re excited for Artifact to be featured more regularly among them. Now that we are past the first hour, here are four streamers who are live on Twitch and have something unique to provide a viewer.

We turned in to TidesofTime’s stream to find him playing matches with beginner decks, walking his viewers through the mechanics of the game. He responds to questions covering lane strategy and basic questions about what the colors mean to newer viewers.

While he’s only played for 40 hours, despite owning it for three months, we believe this stream will have great value for viewers looking to watch a pro-level card gaming veteran cultivate their understanding of the game, providing the viewers a more organic learning experience. Tides himself is a former pro in Dota for Dignitas, and a former Hearthstone pro for Cloud 9, so is one of the few players on the Artifact Twitch directory to have a deeper appreciation for the Dota card game. He’s currently Phantom Drafting a Black, Green and Blue draft, but traditionally leans more towards green.

“Red heroes are the strongest stat-wise, but their cards are generally going to be weaker. Basically you need a hero-specific color to be able to cast colors for those heroes. Its cards a more hero oriented than other colors.”

One of the original ladder grinders from Hearthstone, he’s a German Hearthstone pro for SK Telecom T1 with several successful tournament appearances. In the earliest days of Hearthstone, he was renown for racing to legend at the beginning of each season, playing several hours at a time to achieve this feat. To do so required a wealth of knowledge unparalleled by most other professional players in the scene. Similar to TidesofTime, he also only began playing more recently, despite being in the beta for three months. Watching his stream, we’re getting to watch the earliest stages of a player who could be one of the top competitive grinders again.

Despite having fewer viewers, his interactivity is a welcome opportunity for competitively-minded players looking to learn more about the pro mindset. In fact, he’s preparing for an upcoming constructed tournament, which we’ll look to get more details on later. He most recently queued into compLexity pro player MrYagut twice in constructed already!

“Every sort of RNG increases difficulty, randomness isn’t a bad thing.”

A former Starcraft 2 pro for Evil Geniuses who currently plays Hearthstone for Sentinels. He’s known in Hearthstone for being In September, StrifeCro described how the board state dictates what happens instead of attacker (Hearthstone) or defender (Magic the Gathering) advantage, which made him especially excited for Artifact. His soft-spoken enthusiasm and constant stream of information is one of the reasons to watch him today.

StrifeCro was most recently seen queuing into Reynad in limited, talking through his methodical plays in each lane.

“We had some crazy strong constructed decks before the reset, so the goal is to play a lot of limited to get our cards back. People want to learn drafts too.”

This Wild-format Hearthstone player recently placed among the Top 4 of last weekend’s limited-format Artifact Preview Tournament. While being among the ranking limited players entering the streaming portion of the Artifact beta, he’s also known for his deckbuilding. Despite Wild being the less popular format in Hearthstone, viewers would still watch his creativity and mastery of the game in action, also having won the History of Hearthstone Tournament and its contest of older metas earlier this year.

Dane was seen most recently queuing into former Gwent player and Artifact Preview Tournament caster, Swim. “If I couldn’t deal with the two Blues in that one turn, there was a chance he could upkeep kill the Beastmaster from the lane and deal lethal damage.”


While the beta key holders from PAX West and The International will begin streaming and playing on November 19th, we look forward to learning as much as we can in these next two days before diving right into the gameplay ourselves!

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